“Chatbot” is this a word familiar to you? If not I’ll let you know.

“Chatbot” is another name to chat robots. They are a kind of computer program that can simulate human conversations through artificial intelligence. Chatbots can communicate with a real person. Actually, a Chatbot can live in any chat product we use; as messenger, text messages and telegrams.

Basically, Chatbots refers AI technologies as deep learning, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). They have a repository of predefined responses and some heuristics. They use that repository to choose the appropriate response based on the input and context. The bots can learn through the conversations and continuously they become smarter.

Nowadays the business people are willing to applying Chatbots to their business applications. They design conversational interfaces through programmers to interact with their users. The new trend is to develop Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) sales and services applications with refers to Chatbots.

The mobile technological field uses Chatbots as their intelligent virtual assistants. The virtual assistant is an application program that can understand natural language voice commands, processes it and completes tasks for users. Usually, they are cloud-based. The Siri application in Apple iPhone, Cortana application in Windows are examples for Chatbots in mobile technology. They can read texts, looking up phone numbers and scheduling things for their users. Echo and Alexa in Amazon are another kind of Chatbots that helps to track the users and also they can assist consumers online shopping.

Alex Attinger, Mikael Yang, and Jin Tanaka are the three experts in the field, share their predictions for Chatbots in 2018. Alex Attinger CEO and founder of SOCIAL.LIMITED said that WhatsApp opens to bots next year and it can unlock direct access to over one billion new users. Mikael Yang, Co-Founder and CEO of ManyChat predict that 2018 will be the turning point for Chatbots and it diffuses to businesses and also the Facebook messenger.  Jin Tanaka, CEO, Founder of Foxsy, and Xpresso hardly said that in 2018 the Bots will break the world. He indicates that the platform of the bots can be completely revolutionized in near future.

As the users of new technology, we can see that the Bots rock the world soon…