Every brand has a logo and every logo has a story! Possibly the million dollar question in everyone’s mind right now is why the Inspiro Camp 2k18 is sporting an Owl as their logo? Alright, maybe it’s not the most itching question in the universe at the moment, but we have an obligation to fulfil to those who are looking forward to being there at Inspiro Camp. So the mystery unravels…

What actually is the Inspiro Camp 2k18?

Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka together with Global Geek Sustainable Learning Kingdom (GGSLK), for the first time in their history, is getting ready to present the Sri Lankan tech enthusiasts with yet another memorable experience, Inspiro Camp 2K18 which is powered by Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

When we say tech enthusiasts, we mean the ones who stay up days and nights on code sprints! Those who find solutions for bugs in the middle of the night! Those who get breakthrough ideas along with the midnight snacks! You get the gist of it, right? Night time is the paradise for techies to explore the unknown depths of their algorithms for the sake of knowledge and of course, work! Hence, Inspiro Camp 2k18 is dedicated to those night owls who have savoured the sanctity of ones and zeros in the dark. Not so subtle, are we?

Then why an owl?

Yet nothing is simple as that. The main focus of the Inspiro Camp 2k18 will be networking with giants in the technology industry and peers, skills enhancement, technology breakthroughs fulfilling economic and social aspects, which we intend to express via our Owl. As per mentioned widely in several cultures, Owls represent wisdom. Owls represent luck. Owls represent magic. The success formula of a typical sprint night, indeed! Now you might want to consider having a pet owl.

Overall, Inspiro Camp 2k18 will be the sweet heaven of the techies, by the techies, for the techies and shall not perish until the last breath of the last techie lasts.

Here we come, people! Get your gears ready!