Are you interested in UI designing? Or, else are you planning to get into that field? If so, having a trained eye on simple tricks behind effective UI designing is a must! Can’t Unsee is here to help you with that now!

What is Can’t Unsee?

Can’t Unsee is a newly released web-based game that is mainly focused on letting the user select the most appropriate UI design. This game presents two choices of iOS interface designs. The user will have to choose the most correct, or rather the best options out of the two. Can’t Unsee consists of three rounds. They just ramp up in difficulty. Of course, in the very first round, selecting the most suitable option would be easier, if you are familiar with the normal interfaces which are commonly used. But towards the latter rounds, both the options given seem to be so similar, so that the player should definitely have some kind of a knowledge about interface designing in order to score well. Can’t Unsee is a creation of the software engineer, Alex Kotliarskyi and the product designer Amanda Hum.

What is special behind this game?

As any other field, UI designing itself has a specific set of standards. For people who have not studied about them, yet is interested in UI designing Can’t Unsee provides one of the best platforms to enhance their knowledge. The best feature of this game is, as soon as the player selects his choice, it gives the correct option and the interpretation behind that specific option being the correct one as well. This helps the player get the correct argument behind each and every correct option. Standards regarding consistency, font-sizes, font-styles, font-colours, backgrounds, contrasts, separations, alignments and padding are some frequently checked UI Designing related standards within this game.

Is this game only for UI designers?

It’s not at all so! Anyone who enjoys finding tiny differences between images might obviously enjoy it, too. Designer of this game interprets this game as a game that tests your attention to details. Apart from that Can’t Unsee improves your decision making power within a limited time period, since its score is depended both on the correct option and the time taken to select the correct option. So simply it not only gives you a fun, but also improves your attention, decision making power and effective designing tricks.

Can’t Unsee is simply an interesting game which will make you a great designer at the end, if you properly master its three rounds. Why not give it a try and see! Who knows it will make you need to become a ‘UI Designer’ one day. Simply follow this link, if you are interested in playing it.