We all know that it is very difficult for us to remember all the strong passwords that we are using. And also when we use different websites, have to use passwords with a good strength. But using the same password for all the sites is not a good solution since it increases the risk. As the internet is not a safe place and our accounts might be hacked at any time, we have to use strong passwords. And for the issue of remembering them, have you ever imagined a device might come to remember your passwords?

Of course this is not a lie or a hypothesis. Now we have a device to remember all our account passwords on behalf of us. It is Everykey. Everykey is a tiny Bluetooth device which gives a highly complex password security for our website accounts. Even the highest level of military also use the same technology when protecting their top secret documents.

So let me tell you some more details regarding this amazing device. It unlock your website accounts and also your phone, laptop, car and house when you are nearby and again lock them when you walk away. It has the ability to automatically generate complex and impossible-to-remember passwords for password protected websites and your accounts there. It automatically log into them when you are nearby and logout when you are walking away. It uses military grade AES 128-bit encryption to guard those complex passwords.

Since it is a small device, we have a risk of loosing it. So what shall we do if we lost our Everykey. Yes they have provide us a solution to that also. That is by using Everykey App on your phone, you can easily lock it down or else you can directly contact Everykey and have then freeze it for you. But though the device is stolen, no one can take the use of it since it stores all the passwords not in the device itself, on the Everykey secure server in an encrypted format. So no one else can have the benefit of it except you.

There is another important fact about Everykey. That is their software development kit lets third party developers create new applications for Everykey. So the possibilities of it becomes endless. I truly believe that Everykey will make a great change of technology in the world and luckily, no more forget password clicks hereby.