I know you guys are much concerned about your mobile data amount when you are surfing the internet. Does your mobile data package gets over soon?? Don’t worry! Here is the solution for you. Google has launched an Android app for data management named Triangle. It allows you to monitor and control your mobile data.

It provides the user with per app or total breakdown of data usage and also allows the user to limit the data access of an app to 10 and 30 minutes increment. Google is currently testing the app in Philippines to do a couple of carriers, so it is only available there to download from Google Play Store.

I know already you know that you can go to data usage and check which app is using more data in your Android smart phone as that feature is already available. And the Triangle allows you to stop a particular app from using any more data more easily.

Features of the Triangle App

The Triangle App will check the current data usage and use ‘Data server’ feature to block any unwanted data usage in the mobile apps. Basic features available in the app are,

  • see the current data usage.
  • use ‘Data Server’ to block unwanted data usage.

Except the basic features, there are some features work for the Globe and Smart prepaid users.

  • check the prepaid data balance directly from the app.
  • download and try new apps without any risk of running out of data.
  • get extra data by using apps you have and that you like.

Users who are registering to the app will receive 100MB of data as a welcoming gift. The globe and smart prepaid users have the chance to earn data rewards by using the apps like Mobile Legends and Waze. Meanwhile some companies will be pushing their apps to the users where one download can add a certain amount of data to your prepaid balance. Through this way Android App developing companies market their apps to the Android users. So the users are able to explore new apps as well as earn data at the same time.