Google started launching AIY projects last year. It is called as “Do-it-yourself Kits”. According to that; two AIY projects (Do-it-yourself Kits) were released. They gave the makers more power to build AI (Artificial Intelligence) into their projects. The demand for these kits increased rapidly among the audience. Especially from the STEM audience. The parents and teachers identified the products to be extremely useful tools for the classroom. Using these AIY kits students will be able to find new different creative ideas and jobs that they might not have seen yet.

Taking a close look at the demand for the AIY kits; Google took steps to introduce new updated AIY kits in order to help and prepare students for the future challenges.

And now, Google has released two updated AIY kits to the market recently. They are AIY Voice Kit and AIY Vision Kit.


AIY Voice Kit

The Voice Kit allows you to build a voice controlled speaker.

 Voice Kit is built in with Google Assistant. The kit allows you build an intelligent speaker that can understand your commands and responds to you. It can hear your questions and reply you with the perfect answer. Using this Voice Kit, you can create projects with the smart Artificial Intelligence that use voice recognition to control your activities that you want. For example, controlling the robots using voice commands, playing music, playing games and more

The new kit provides all the necessary instruction on how to assemble the kit and start working with it.

AIY Vision Kit

An interesting product. The vision Kit lets you build a camera that learns to recognize people and objects. Not only recognizing the objects. But also provides some basic set of details for most of the objects. That is, it works as an object classifier

It is built with an intelligent camera that can observe your face and detect the emotions of you. Not only that, it can track your face and give the geometric level of your face. So you can use the AIY Vison Kit to build a tracker to follow you wherever you go.


Hardware and Software

Both kits are designed to work with Raspberry PI Zero WH. It comes with the box. A USB connector cable and pre-provisioned SD card also available. Updated AIY Vision Kit v1.1 also includes the Raspberry Pi Camera v2. So there is no need for the users to download the software image.

Google also introducing the AIY companion application for Android. The app allows you to make wireless configuration to the kit. As an alternate path the kits still work with monitor, keyboard and mouse.

The new AIY Voice Kit and Vision Kit are available at Target Stores and will be in the hands of makers globally very soon.

Let’s get smarter and intelligent with the new AIY Projects from Google


Reference: Google Developers Blog