Android Messages vs Google Allo

Android messages and Google Allo are both messaging apps by Google. Android’s official messaging app is known as Android messages. Google Allo is a messaging app which is available for the android users in the Google Play Store. However, when compared, Google Allo seems to be smarter. It provides a vast space for its users to integrate with others in a  more interesting and attractive manner. Google Assistant, which comes with Allo is ranked as one of its best features.

With time, Google Allo’s big features tend to arrive with Android Messages. Hence, it reduced the gap between Google Allo and Android Messages. An interesting news which came out recently reveals that Google is ready to reduce this gap furthermore. Yes, it seems Google Assistant will be integrated with Android Messages!

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a feature which comes with the concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Its assistance comes in the form of suggested messages. Here are a few examples of how it works with Google Allo.

Imagine the conversation comes up with the terms associated with weather. Then Google Assistant has the ability to give you the weather details based on your location as a suggestion. Suppose the conversation comes up with the terms associated with meals or restaurants. If so it will suggest a list of restaurants around. Let’s consider the conversation is regarding setting a plan. Google Assistant then ensures that it provides details about the weather condition of the location mentioned in the plan.


Many users of Google Allo seems to be liking this feature. Experts in the field predict that Google Assistant which is to come with Android Messages will also work similarly to Allo’s feature. Even it’s s so Android Messages users will not have the ability to talk to its Google Assistant directly.

Future of Android Messages

At present, it’s visible that Google has moved its attention from Google Allo towards Android Messages. However, the latest reports show that this Google Assistant feature is still in the level of testing with regard to Android Messages. Therefore the changes it might adopt when integrated with Android Messages is still unpredictable.

However, this integration decision of Android Messages seems to be yet another significant step. It will provide its users with an excellent messaging experience on Android. It’s never too late to have Google Assistant with Android Messages. We’ll look forward to this amazing update of Android Messages.