We fully understand that no software release is ever completely free from bugs. The newest Android member Oreo is just out of the oven and has unexpectedly been slapped with a Bluetooth issue. Oreo users with different vehicle and headphone models are reporting a number of audio related issues that seems to be due to buggy Bluetooth. Yet luckily, this issue has not affected all users who upgraded their phones to Android 8.0.

Users are frustrated and are trying out their own troubleshoots to fix the issue . Hopefully the Bluetooth team is patiently looking into the angry bug reports of the users that are submitted at Nexus and Pixel forums.

There is no immediate fix for the issue as Google is still investigating the situation. And With the aim of getting deeper in to the problem Google has asked every affected Oreo user to enlighten the company with related information including the car/vehicle year, make and model, headphone model and brand, Bluetooth speaker and brand and the issues.

The so-called Bluetooth issues have been spotted mainly in Android Auto, wireless headphones, and Bluetooth speakers.

Many are experiencing problems with audio output from vehicle speakers although their phones connect to the infotainment system of the vehicle.

There have been reports on audio cutting out intermittently on headsets too. Moreover the Bluetooth connections are taking more time to connect and also lose the connections over a short distance than expected.

Another common issue that the Oreo user are facing is that it does not show Spotify song information, though this feature was perfectly fine with Android’s previous release, Nougat.

However when comparing with others, Android platform has always faltered at Bluetooth. Yet we hope they will soon come up with a reliable solution.

Any Android 8.0 Oreo reader here? Drop a comment and let us know what’s happening really.