Every industry is going forward because of the people that do fantastic work in that industry. The Tech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. So today, we are going to talk about some awesome people in the Sri Lankan tech industry. Many of them are known as Android wedakarayo.


On Jun 20, 2013, Android wedakarayo was started as a Facebook group by Rajitha Dananjaya, and it based on Sri Lanka. Now it became one of the leading tech media companies in Sri Lanka. Its primary focus was to share their ideas and to spread awareness about the tech industry, not only in Sri Lanka also in the world. Their primary audience is mostly from Sri Lanka.

What are they doing?

What did the android wedakaryo do in the past several years? They wrote articles about how the tech world evolving with new technology, they discuss with other tech enthusiasts about the latest trends in the tech world, they helped to solve many problems that people had about the technology also they motivate and inspire people who loved technology. So, what is the main motive behind the all these things? That is, “To contribute towards a tech concerned and digitally update Sri Lanka.”

Nowadays, social media and technology have become a significant part of our life. Many of us use a large variety of devices and tools to make our life easier. As usual, we all get different kinds of problems from our devices and tools. Sometimes we can figure out how to solve them our-self. Android wedakarayo and their whole community are very helpful in these kinds of situations. They are always ready to solve your tech problems for you. Their active community is very helpful at this point.

A Leading Technology News Website

As a leading Technology News website in the Sri Lanka, Android wedakaryo do some awesome work for their community. They share their knowledge with everyone through their website. They have articles about Helpful android tips, android phone reviews, new tech tool breakdowns, privacy security tips, and many more.

Android wedakaryo is the main reason to improve the tech awareness in the Sri Lankan people. This is an excellent thing for Lanka because there is no future without the technology. Also, they have a very good understanding of the technology field. They have done some awesome work in the past couple of years. They introduce some new ideas for the tech community in the Sri Lanka. These things were very helpful for most of the tech enthusiasts in the Sri Lankan tech industry.

What is Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018?

Sri Lanka’s most anticipated tech event of the year, “Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018” will be hosted by Dialog, Ideamart and the Google Developer Group Sri Lanka, and is expected to draw crowds in excess of 3,500, as South-East Asia’s largest Google I/O event.

The event will be underscored by the introduction of an awards segment, held in recognition of the growing developer and digital community in Sri Lanka.

The awards will include multiple categories such as, YouTuber of the Year, Sri Lankan Android App of the Year, Tech Startup of the Year, Tech Blogger of the Year, Best Ideamart App Based on Google Technologies, and Tech Startup Female Entrepreneur of the Year etc.

The award recipients will be nominated by the community and selected based on the most amounts of votes received online, quality of the work and the significant impact they are making in the country.

Tech Blogger of the year 2018 –

So, what are the accomplishments of the android wedakaryo at Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018. got the award for the best tech blogger of the year at Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018.

At this moment, android wedakarayo has a Facebook group with more than 170,000+ active members. The Facebook group is managed by the very dedicated admins, and they managed to get this far. Android wedakarayo is a great place to talk about new tech trends, get solutions for your various tech problems, and share your thoughts about the tech industry.

By GGSLK Marketing Team