Apple new update is concerning about the hearing health. Apple announced new features for the Apple watch at its Worldwide Developers Conference which was held at San Jose, California on Monday. Device will detect harmful noise surrounding it, and will alert the users, and also update the Health app which is in the process of tracking sounds coming from some headphones.

Apple already has an option to limit maximum volume across mobile devices. But inclusion of Noise app to Watch is bigger effort of the company. Apple introduced a feature called Screen Time last year to calculate the time spent on staring monitors. Apple also organized Do not Disturb mode to hide notifications in order to reduce checking phones often.

The Noise app is the latest example of counterbalancing software. Now people are quite aware of noise pollution. Apple Noise app is a good effort in this situation as it buzzes your wrist when there is loud noise. Apple’s hope is to save people from becoming deaf. It is a smaller example of Apple’s larger strategy over a criticism they are having over years. It will make their products popular among customers by this feature. Its move is quite in the right direction according to social concern. It just needs a world wide support to make it happen.

It is believed that there will be pretty better improvements and awareness regarding noise pollution as this action is taken by very famous successful company in industry.