What is Safeguard App?

Safeguard app is a built-in feature coming with the ASUS ZenUI 4.0. This app offers two features to the user: SOS and Report location. These two features help the user to stay safe and let others know where you are, when needed.

The SOS feature allows user to make an emergency call or to send an emergency text to a pre-assigned emergency contact. For emergency situations you can quickly activate this feature only by pressing the power button three times in quick succession.

Report Location

 As for the second feature which is Report location, Users will be able to share their real time location with family and friends at any time. Also this feature enables user to seek for help via and alarm or SOS call on the location-tracking notification. This feature lot more of a background feature. User can turn on and off this feature at his discretion, through the app’s settings.

Compatible Users

Even though this is a super cool app, this app is not for everyone. If you have a ZenUI 4.0 updated ASUS phone then you will be able to install the app. Since it’s a part of the stock suite of apps offered by ASUS along with ZenUI 4.0, this app might be available on the device.

Google Play Store

Well, this android app has finally found its way to the Google Play Store, this means ASUS can update the app faster and easier. This is a great success for the ASUS ZenUI 4.0 users. Because now you will know what new features and improvements ASUS is adding to the app every time it updates the Safeguard app.

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