Man is intelligence. Intelligence is the inborn quality of a man, it cannot be created. But after our death, we lose the knowledge of the brain. It destroyed with us.

Is it possible to create a brain? Some decades ago it was a dream to create a brain which can think, feel like the organic human brain. But with the development of technology it’s become a real. The IBM is now developing a virtual brain. It is known as the Blue Brain. A virtual brain is a machine which can think, take decision, response and keep things as the human brain.

In our brain inputs gets through natural neurons, keep them in a permanent state of neurons and outputs also give through natural neurons. In virtual brain inputs get through a silicon chip or artificial neurons keep them in secondary memory and give outputs through a silicon chip. When natural brain’s process is through arithmetic and logical calculations, simulated memory process is through arithmetic and logical calculations and artificial intelligence. The data in our natural brain is uploaded into computers by nanobots. Nanobots is a robot which is small enough to travel through our circulatory system.

Blue brain will be a critical point in technology. It will discover the memory capacity, inner aspects and how the memory is lost. There are some people among us who is suffering from volatile memory. Not only these types of people we also face some difficulties in remembering names of people, important dates, spellings, grammar and identifying places. When man gets older his memory gets weak he starts to forgetting things and recognizing ability also gets weak. Blue brain will be a solution for these problems. Scientists belief that blue brain will help to cure the Parkinson’s disease. It will help in remembering things, understanding the behaviors of animals, using the intelligence of a man after his death and also it will help to deaf and mad people.

There are many benefits in blue brain. But we cannot say it will only bring the benefits it will also bring harm to society. Man become dependent on computers, possibilities of human cloning, technical knowledge will go upon us and control us. Man must be more responsible and must use it correctly and wisely. Blue brain will be a changing point in technology and human society. Near future we will be able to transfer ourselves into the computers.