As they promised in back in April, Facebook has now started to roll out the ‘unsend’ feature for sent messages. Before the delete option for messages meant that they would only be deleted only for the sender, and the message still would remain in the inbox of the recipient.

How It Works

Credit: TechCrunch

You will hold the message that you want to delete from your recipient down and select “Remove for Everyone.” This would then delete the message from the recipient’s inbox. But leaving a “tombstone,” indicating that you have deleted a message, just like it is on WhatsApp. And you can do it only within the ten-minute window after the message had been delivered to the recipient. And after that, you won’t be able to do it. This is because Facebook thinks that a duration of ten minutes is more than enough for a message sent by mistake to be deleted.

And that is also to prevent users from deleting past messages that had been sent with malicious intent or as forms of bullying. Plus, deleting a message doesn’t mean that it is deleted from the Facebook servers as well either. The messages will be kept on servers for short period of time in case any policy violations were reported, or they were marked for abuse, so that they can review them.


The feature is currently available on Android and iOS in Colombia, Bolivia, Poland and Lithuania. And Facebook will continue to roll it out in a phased manner for the rest of the users as well.

And reportedly, this is not all that we would experience through the application in near future. Facebook is also said to be working on some other additional features such as setting messages to expire after a specified period of time on messenger.

Sources: TechCrunch, GadgetsNow