Early detection of cancers increases the chance for successful awareness to better treatment. But some cancer patients’ lifestyle was almost free of risk, there is not a fair reason to have cancer. It would be the main reason to fail the diagnosis of cancer in early stages.

Google is hardly working on a pill looks for cancers in the human body. They plan to design this pill to detect the presence of malignant cells and other signs of diseases like imminent heart attacks and other non-communicable diseases. Actually, they are successfully building an easy, accurate and smart way to catch cancer earlier in the molecule levels by constantly monitoring the patient’s blood.


The designed cancer detecting pill by Google X labs, can send microscopic particles into the patient’s bloodstream and they can identify the presence of chemicals and the cells associated with diseases. The pill contains nanoparticles that combine a magnetic material with antibodies or proteins that can attach to and detect other molecules inside the body. Patients should swallow this pill. After the nanoparticles released into the bloodstream, it attempts to identify the affected molecule in the body.

There is another wearable magnetic bracelet handover to the patient. They have to wear it on their wrist. This bracelet has an ability to gather the nanoparticles back together. Actually, the nanoparticles draw to the skin area to the part of the magnetic core of this bracelet. They can send their signals to the wristband. The wristband can also read and analyse the details that the nanoparticles found. It should inspect the body one or more times a day.


Andrew Conrad, the head of life sciences in Google X research labs said that this project is a part of the huge effort inside Google to develop new technologies to healthcare. Their next step is to uplift the qualities of this pill.


After issuing this pill to the market, the field of disease diagnosis should direct to a completely different stage. Let’s hope this pill will make a difference.