What is Chromecast

Chromecast is a latest technology introduced by Google to connect your personal devices and TV together.

Are you tired of watching stuff online in a small screen? Then Chromecast is your best solution. All you have to do is plug in the Chromecast in to the HDMI port on your HD TV and cast your online stuff to your TV screen. Chrome cast is a media streaming device comes with an affordable price. It works perfectly with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Play Music, Hulu Plus app, P-series and many of your favorite apps.


Features in Chromecast

    • No need of additional remote controllers.

Your personal device is your remote. You can volume up or down, play or pause and casting.

    • Multitasking

Continue watching while you send some emails or surfing the web. No need of pausing.

    • Works across platforms.

Supports for Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones and iPads.

    • Casting the web to the TV.

Google cast is coming with fully built in to chrome. So you can cast your browser tabs to your TV screen. It’s as simple as pressing a button. Look at your family photos, news sites in a bigger screen. You can also view websites that are not integrated with cast on your TV, by selecting ‘cast.. ’ in chrome menu.

  • Other people can also cast to your TV without needing to be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Can cast exactly what’s in your Android device screen, directly to the TV.
  • Supports latest Wi-Fi standards.
  • Adapts more easily to changing Wi-Fi conditions in your home, so that you have better quality videos with less buffering.

Not only for watching but also for listening, google introduce Chromecast audio that plugs into your existing speakers, so you can stream your favorite music, radio and podcast over Wi-Fi. Allow multi-room synchronization.

Google Home App


Google first introduced this app as the Chromecast app. After that Google cast app came in. But today we call it Google Home app which connects Chromecast and Google Home together.

Features of Google Home App

    • Catch up your favorite TV shows and movies.
    • Watch live games even those that aren’t naturally televised.
    • Amazing audio list for a party.

Over 35 million songs on Spotify Google Play Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio and more.

    • Gaming experience in a big screen.

Play your popular mobile games on your TV screen. Use your phone (android, iPhone) as the controller.

  • Cast any image in your Google photos using your phone to swipe to next one.
  • Controls Chromecast and Google Home devices.

Chromecast Ultra

Comes with more powerful and advanced 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. What you have loved in Chromecast is also available in Chromecast Ultra.

Features of Chromecast Ultra

  • Supports 4K, HDR and Dolby vision.
  • Loads videos 1.8 times faster than other Chromecast devices.
  • Major Wi-Fi improvements.
  • Supports wired connections.
  • Works with Google Home.

You might wonder what’s the deference between Google cast and Chromecast. Lately instead of using Chromecast people use the term Google cast. Actually the Google cast is the software used in Chromecast devices.
Google is keep adding more functionalities to Google cast. They created Google Cast Speakers, so you can cast music from your favorite app on your mobile phone or any music streaming website on chrome.


Google is spreading Google cast technology all over the world by bringing it to your favorite apps and websites also Chromecast makes it easier to bring it from a phone, tablet or laptop to the biggest screen in your house.