Bracelet is a something we always like to wear, especially girls. But what is this word cicret means? Do you have any idea?

Actually cicret is a combination of cicret application and a wearable bracelet. It is the technology of future developed based on the cloud technology. This bracelet can be call as the next level of wearable technology which can be use easily to adapt human environment.

Cicret bracelet makes your arm a touch screen. Do not need to keep your phone nearby you always. Using this cicret bracelet you can do whatever you used to do with your tab or phone. You can answer your calls, read mails, play games, and check weather conditions …etc. Cicret bracelet provides you a very good user interface like smartphones. Anyone can use it without a help .Just you need to do is tap your wrist. So no more smartphones necessary. I am a kind of person who always forget the place where I kept my phone. So this is a master solution for people like me as this bracelet never want to remove or keep anywhere. This  band is water proof. So we can wear it while bathing also. Seems to be very interesting, isn’t it? No need to hold a tech gadget every time.

Cicret works with a Pico projector. It is the heart of this cicret bracelet which projects the interface on your arm.When we place our finger, eight long range sensors inside the projector intercepts that movement while sending information back to the processor in the cicret bracelet. We can turn cicret which is connected to a mobile via the cicret application .It connects through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. That’s how we need to operate the cicret bracelet. It can perform all the functions without need to pull out your phone. Considering that reason it is known to be a standalone device.

Let’s see which electronic components add functionality to this bracelet to work as a real smart phone.

  • Memory card – Like smart phones use phone storage and memory chips to store data we need to store our data in Cicret bracelet also. Here we can use this memory card to store information same as done by our smartphones.
  • Vibrator – There must be a way to notify the user that calls are coming. This component is used to provide alerts.
  • Micro USB port – Cicret bracelet also has a battery. So it need to charge when battery is dead. Micro USB is used to charge this battery.
  • LED – Light emitting diodes used to sense the action of user and direct it to sensors.
  • Battery – Cicret bracelet needs energy to work. Energy is provided by this battery.
  • Snap button- Like phones have power on button. There must be some button to power on off cicret bracelet also. This work is done by snap button
  • Wi-Fi component- Same as smart phones use Wi-Fi this also used Wi-Fi to connect to networks.


So hope you got some ideas about this cicret bracelet. This will make your life to be easy with a smooth movement towards future.