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Lets play with Yùn Version 2.0

The Yùn a small Arduino like device was released in 2013. It is a small Linux machine and  micro controller. After the release to the market, it led to the development of thousands of projects and professional applications. If a small device can make lots of advantages in the technology, the team thought about developing a true open-source design with more powerful feature for compelling and better software support.So here comes the Yùn Rev.2

The new Yùn Rev.2 is expected to the market in the second half of April. This device will include more functions with its processor.

All You Need to Know About Yùn Rev.2

The first Yùn released in 2013 was a big success. The response from the market was tremendous. However, it is having some issues. They are trying to eliminate them. The team is working on the issues for almost two years.

The Yùn is not actually an open-source product. Mainly the software part of the product is having some real issues . The security issue has been a big concern.

Concerning all of these, the team is building a new Yùn Rev.2  with some new features like,

The hardware is much better than old Yùn. Providing the product with more robust power supply. New Ethernet connector with a good mount that prevents short circuits and allows the use of all possible shields. A horizontal USB connector to save space. And also the USB hub comes with improved features.

And also the software issues that prevailed in old Yùn have been fixed.

Software stack updated to OpenWRT latest version. SSL support on the bridge Arduino/ Linux bridge.

In order to evaluate the performance and review it. We have to wait until its release. Let’s see how strong the new Yùn Rev.2 is going to hit the market in the second half of April.