IBM has done it! May be you don’t believe about the computer which exist with the smaller size than the grain of salt.But somehow IBM has done with that miracle.They announced this amazing news in their company’s flagship conference IBM Think 2018.They proved that it is not impossible to have that much small computer in the world.

According to the IBM head of research Arvind Krishna this is just start.In coming years they hope to invent cryptographic anchors such as ink dot or tiny computers even smaller than the grain of salt and they will embedded in everyday objects and devices. It is really amazing news and we all have to be keep calm and wait few time. 

This article is about some talents of this new buddy which already invent.

Computing Power

  • This Computer has the computing power of the x86 chip from 1990.
  • Yes It is not that much great when comparing with today, but the miracle is having those features with its small size.


  • If you need to see inside of this computer of course you need microscope.
  • Because inside components of this computer is not visible to our naked eye.


  • Cost of this computer is less than 10 cents to manufacture


  • The number of transistors which locate inside the computer allow it to monitor, analyze, communicate and act on data.
  • If you are working with bitcoins no need to be worry because this computer act as a data source for blockchain applications also.
  • Another thing is this will help to keep track the shipment of goods and detect theft, fraud and non-compliance.
  • And also basic AI functions as sorting data which get it dynamically can perform by this small buddy.


Speech of Arvind Krishna which includes about this new buddy and more about their researches is below.