Few days back, Google came up with their latest Android Messages update (version 3.5). It came along with a number of visual changes. Adding the option to set dark mode as the default was the main among them. Apart from that, updating the font used as Google Sans and removing the blue bar at the top of the app were visible changes. This update had also taken out the users’ ability to assign custom colors to the chat bubbles for their different contacts

However dark mode became a trend over the last few years. When  android messages adapted this concept through their last update, it completely transformed the background of android messages from white to black and fonts from black to white. The  messages sent to a recipient always came in a light blue bubble along with a dark blue font. This seemed to be a change loved by a large crowd of android users. There’s a strong belief that dark mode concept removes or rather limits the emission of unwanted light from the screen. Therefore people who use Android Messages at night or under low-light conditions, embraced this update massively.

Are you also a dark mode lover? Then the latest news regarding this recent update would definitely be a shocking news for you. Google has reverted the Android Messages update which came up with the dark mode! Amazingly this happened just after a day or so from the release. Even if you had already updated android messages, even if you had already worked and experienced this new update, if you check android messages now, you will see that all the updated design changes are returned back to the previous look. It’s not surprising that Google did such a reversion since they have the server side ability to change the User Interface on a dime. The surprising fact is that the reasons for the reversal of this update is still a mystery.                                                        

Google hasn’t yet published an official statement regarding this roll back or the disappearance of the update. But reports reveal that there were quite a number of complaints regarding a single change which took place with the update. That change was taking out the users’ ability to assign custom colors to chat bubbles for their different contacts. However, it’s unbelievable that Google will revert such an update, due to complaints as such.

Google might have discovered some sort of bugs within the app or identified some features to be improved. Google always tries to provide its users something better.  Therefore may be they are improving the features of this update, before reaching the massive crowd of android users. Anyway, experts in the field strongly believe that Google will come back with the update with some improvements. Therefore the dark mode lovers can still keep a hope on an update for android messages. We’ll hope for the best.