Windows gives us a setting, named as “Dark Mode”. When we apply the dark mode, settings and apps will become dark. I hope that you will try it after reading this article.

How To enable Dark Mode

To enable dark mode,

First open Settings>>>Personalization >>> Colors>>>.

Then scroll down, and then you will see ‘dark’, under ‘Choose Your App Mode’.

By selecting this dark option, you will be able to activate dark mode!

With the change of settings, even the current settings window will turn into Dark immediately.

Microsoft Edge Has Dark Theme.

Let’s try this! It is very easy!

First go to your Microsoft Edge Browser and you can see 3 dots in right corner. Click it.

Then select “Settings” >>> “Choose a theme”>>> “Dark”

Even Microsoft Office Has Dark Theme

You can try that as well…

All Dark Modes should be manually set up.

To choose Dark mode in Microsoft Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel follow these simple steps.

Go to “File”>>> “Account”>>> “Office Theme”>>> “Dark Grey”