Dialog is known for their endeavors to enrich the youth with skill and expertise. While Dialog Mega Run and Dialog Ngage are such examples, the well-known annual event Google I/O Extended is also proudly sponsored by none other but them.

An essential addition to this would be Ideamart, something that can’t be dispensed if you are into game developing. But well, you sure have heard about software developers, web developers etc. but if you are not so familiar with the concept, no worries, it is actually a bit of a new one to our country.

But Dialog Game Hunt happened to be the next attempt by Dialog to make game developing a ‘thing’ in Sri Lanka. By now, a number of game developers around the island have gathered to work with Dialog Gaming.

On 27th September, Dialog Game Hunt Season 2 took place at Dialog Axiata, with the participation of competitors spanning across all ages and educational levels. The theme of this season was “Edutainment.”

Out of the individuals/teams who took part in the competition, the winners of Dialog Game Hunt Season 2 was the team ‘Sandakada,’ representing Open University of Sri Lanka.

So if you too have a dream, don’t hesitate to join Dialog Gaming, and you will be on your way to live it!