App icons are different in shape, size and in different designs. Icon packs bring consistency and class to these icons. A good icon pack may help you to find your apps more quickly and makes your phone look better.

Icon packs have always been popular among android users because of the opportunity to do customization. Customization is one of the biggest advantages of Android over Apple’s iOS. Not only you can rearrange apps and widgets as the way you want it, but you can also download third-party launchers and icon packs to give your phone a completely new look. They provide a cheap and excellent service to customize your phone. The only disadvantage is that most of the icon packs are charge some cost. But some of the popular icon packs for free in the Play Store.

Here are some best icon pack developers and each one of them has got plenty of icon packs to choose.

Benas Dzimidas: An icon pack developer with a lot of cool ideas. This is most known for having Rondo, Lai, Toca UI icon packs. The icon packs also include wallpapers and it is a good suggestion if you prefer simple designs.

GSeth: There are funny packs like circlons, Vion, Vibion, Ruggy and Viby. These are highly rated and more sophisticated. Though GSeth has some interesting ones, like Rugo which is totally a crumpled paper and dirty style with awesome look.

Hooolm: Glass style icons with the smoke and glass, spatial glass and tinted glass. There are also 3D icons as well. It still keeps these packs classy and absolutely worth looking.

Kovdev: This developer has big and viral kind of quality icon packs such as Domo, Stark, Nox and Lumos. All of them have about 2000 icons and you should worth see them all.

Stealthychief: This also has number of themes and icon packs for concerning variety of platforms. Stealthychief goes similarly with Aloha icon pack which adds the taste of tropical flair. There are also couple of designs with metal, gold, silver and wood colors.