If anybody asks who Dr. Harsha Subasinghe is, the immediate response would be-the founder and the CEO of CodeGen international, but there are many more reasons behind why Dr.Harsha Subasinghe is one of the most popular, well admired personalities in Sri Lankas’ technological community.

His company, Vega Technologies produced Vega-Sri Lankas’ first ever electrical car. He’s an initiator and the vice chairman of Trace. On top of all that, he’s a massive contributor towards the cause of building up and innovative culture in Sri Lankan universities-something that we’ve been lacking for years.

While the vast majority of high profile persons in the Sri Lankan technological industry are state university graduates, Dr. Harsha Subasinghe is not a product of a state university. He read for a degree in Electrical and Electronics computing at Middlesex University,UK. He earned a masters degree in Information Technology and then a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and software agents from City University, London. He’s interested in researching about Artificial Intelligence, User Interfaces, Medical Applications and Software Development.

When talking about CodeGen international, it’s a fifteen years old company with offices spread in two continents ( countries – Sri Lanka, UK, USA and Canada) with employees between five hundred and thousand.It provides software solutions to leading organizations of global travel and tourism companies. CodeGen shimmers in glory as a company noted for being innovative and high performing.
Vega Technologies, Ombo Technologies, Ceyco, Currymuch and Qube Studio other companies formed of Dr. Subasinghe.Vega Technologies is special, since that’s the company which gave birth to Vega-Sri Lanka’s first ever electrical car. This can be even considered as a mile stone Sri Lankas Tech history since many Sri Lankan investors don’t take this kind of innovative projects under the fear of losing or being ridiculed. Dr. Subasinghe states that Vega is not just a luxury sports car,but it’s a more of an example of Sri Lankas’ capability of advanced technologies. Vega shows our potential in the technological world.

Now what does TRACE means? Technologically Re-Awakening Culture of Excellence (TRACE) or the Trace Expert City at Maradana is a very familiar place for the Sri Lankan technological society.It was developed to full fill the need of IT park or an Innovation park of the Tech industry hosting some world class work spaces armed with eco-friendly, energy efficient layouts and interiors so that innovative companies in the Tech field can house their operations.

However CodeGen international, Vega or the Trace are not the most impressive work done by Dr.Harsha Subasinghe, it’s his efforts to establish an innovative culture in Sri Lankan universities that should be admired more.Dr Subahinghe sponsors many for R&D projects of state universities in order to help build the correct industry-oriented,innovative mindset of young undergraduates.
We hope,with the best interest of the Sri Lankan Tech Industry ,that Dr. Harsha Subasinghe’s efforts will come true while being gratitude towards his enormous contribution towards the improvement of the Tech industry

By Lakmini Manthrirathna