Dream Keyboard is a keyboard app which you can type both in English & Sinhala languages. You can use all the features in the Dream Keyboard for free.

Features :

šŸ‡±šŸ‡° Sinhala Typing
ā€¢ Type Sinhala in Standard Wijesekara & Sinhala phonetic (Singlish) methods

āŒØ Best user Interface
ā€¢ Best user interface that you can ever find in a keyboard app
ā€¢ Ability to change keyboard letters & icons color

šŸŽØ Free Keyboard Themes
ā€¢ 120+ amazing themes in 6 categories. You can use all of them for free!

šŸ”‹ Optimized for low-end devices
ā€¢ Optimized to run on low-end devices. Consumes less storage, RAM, CPU power & battery power.

šŸ‘† Gestures
ā€¢ Space bar cursor control
ā€¢ Backspace word delete
ā€¢ Gesture hide keyboard
ā€¢ Gesture shift keyboard

šŸ”¢ Emoji Row & Number Row
ā€¢ Add an emoji row or a number row to the top of the keyboard

šŸ“– Word Predictions
ā€¢ Word predictions for English & Sinhala languages
ā€¢ Emoji predictions (English)

āœ… Text Correcting Features
ā€¢ Autocorrect words [BETA]
ā€¢ Mark misspelt words
ā€¢ Auto capitalize after the full stop (English)
ā€¢ Double-space period

šŸ”Š Voice Typing
ā€¢ Type English & Sinhala with your voice

šŸ˜€ Emojis
ā€¢ All the emojis which are supported by your device

šŸ“˜ Personal Dictionary
ā€¢ Automatically learn new words as you type
ā€¢ Add your own words to show them as suggestions while typing
ā€¢ Add custom shortcuts with any word

šŸ“‹ Clipboard Manager
ā€¢ Clipboard manager helps you to easily Copy, Paste & Save multiple text items

šŸ“ Text Editing
ā€¢ Move cursor, Select, Copy, Paste any text without touching the cursor
ā€¢ Undo & Redo anything you type right from the keyboard (Not supported on Android 5)

šŸ…° Stylish Fonts
ā€¢ 60+ different English font styles. (Will be added from the next update)


ā€¢ Internet - To enable voice typing, Download themes/fonts & Show ads
ā€¢ Read Storage - To add images as a keyboard theme
ā€¢ Record Audio - To use voice typing
ā€¢ Access Network State - To check whether an internet connection is available
ā€¢ Vibrate - To enable vibrate on keypress feature


We don't collect anything you type from Dream Keyboard & any other personal information from your device. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.



Email - [email protected]


Play Store - https://bit.ly/36ZOwVD

AppGallery - https://bit.ly/3qesPte

By GGSLK Marketing Team