What is a chatbot?

Simply a chatbot uses the power of a computer to talk to someone on messaging apps. They are computer programs which designed to interact with people using context via the chat interface. The popularity of the chatbots is exponentially growing each passing day. It is a kind of artificial intelligence (AI) that can have on the conversation with someone. The main two types of chatbots being built are AI and multiple-choice script. Both of them are aiming to create a more personalized content experience for users. But among them, the AI has massive potential and improving every day.

How chatbots play their role in businesses?

Many Businesses are now integrating bots into their setup, as they offer a key way to improve customer services, Order Processing, Data-driven marketing etc while combining the ease of social messaging with the support of website technicians, making obtaining information a simple task. Bots are assisting in one-to-one marketing at scale. It means without having a human being on one side the chatbots allow millions of people to talk about the business.

Can you imagine the biggest bot platforms which we recently use?  Facebook and the Messenger may come into your mind. Yes, they are the biggest bot platforms which now boast about 1000 million monthly active users.

Using these chatbots in businesses looks much cooler. Though people are spending more time in messaging apps than in social media, messaging apps have become the platform for future and bots will be how their users access all sorts of services. So chatbots are a big deal and potentially a huge business opportunity.

Chatbots replace mobile apps altogether

Businesses are most probably focusing on creating a unique application to get connected with their customers on a more personal level. This has become a trend now. However, this will take a huge cost to develop an application. Also, people’s mobile devices become overcrowded with a lot of applications. How can they store all those each and every application? Nothing to worry. Chatbots don’t require a unique application to function. Instead, they utilize the existing messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and etc.

Mirroring type of experience through chatbots

If you want to buy a flower boutique from kapruka.com most probably you are searching in their website, look around until you find the boutique you want to purchase, and then you would purchase them.

But with the chatbots, you can simply message Kapruaka.com using Facebook. There you can easily solve if you have any problems regarding the transaction or anything else. It will offer you a mirroring type of experience than browsing the website.

Not only that but also bots can be used for a variety of purposes with its design. Few examples are,

  • Scheduling Bot: Get into a meeting with someone on messenger team at Facebook
  • Driving Tune-Ins: A bot knows which time zone you’re in, so it can ping you an hour before to show reminder.
  • Driving Online or In-Store Sales: A bot can send you various suggestions for shopping depending on which photos and products you have liked or previously purchased.

Clearly, the endless opportunities that can gain for a business through the chatbots can build anything imaginable. Chatbots will definitely continue to improve and evolve more and more and businesses will be able to get more great benefits in the near future than today.