Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka together with Global Geek Sustainable Learning Kingdom (GGSLK), for the first time in their history, is getting ready to present the Sri Lankan tech enthusiasts with yet another memorable experience, Inspiro Camp 2K18 which is powered by Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. This is undoubtedly the most awaited event of the Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka and GGSLK where a bunch of great role models shares their experiences to inspire young tech enthusiasts.

It has been a long journey in bringing the Inspiro Camp to the stage and we expect to reap more and more with each year. The event will be filled with inspirational and informational speeches by wonderful personalities, fun games, entertainment and even surprises! The number of undergraduates making their presence in the tech community keeps piling up every day. They are intent on doing what’s best for the community and themselves.

We expect 150+ participants and the main focus of the Inspiro Camp 2k18 will be networking with giants in the technology industry and peers, skills enhancement, technology breakthroughs fulfilling economic and social aspects. We’ll make the audience aware of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web APIs and many other latest trending technologies. Registrations for the first of very own Inspiro Camp 2k18 will be opening soon.

With the intention of building a professional platform for young tech members as a part of the ongoing effort to bring additional benefits exclusively for the tech community, Inspiro Camp 2k18 is initiated. It is safe to say that the participants of the Inspiro Camp 2k18 will have a great experience with us. The event will be interactive at its’ best abolishing the usual lecture room environment that undergraduates live  daily.

Participants will be guided through how to increase the technology awareness in the community and assist in bridging the digital divide. We hope that participants will be able to create a common platform with the technological community and the technology industry to network, share ideas and also they will be able to get advice related to innovative technological solutions for the 21st century. Stay tuned for more updates and be there to enjoy the day with Inspiro Camp 2k18.