On August 7 this year, the researchers of a security company called Check Point discovered a malware called Expensive Wall  hidden in apps of Google Play. At least 50 infected apps were found and they were  downloaded between 1 million and 4.2 million times by Google users. There are approximately 21 million victims even though Google immediately removed infected apps after informed by Check Point.

Even though Google kicked out  infected apps, those apps on users phones still contain malware ,so users must manually remove them. Check Point has published a full list of all identified infected apps on their web site so that users can check it agents their apps. ”Lovely Wallpaper”,”Lock Now”,”Tool Box Pro”, ”Ring tone”,”Music Player”,”Fancy Camera” are some of the infected apps.How ever, some users have identified the sinister purpose of the apps by themselves and have even warned others by putting comment on Google Play. Aaron Stein, one of the Google spokespersons said that they have removed apps from Google Play and that they would always value research community’s efforts.

It is said that Expensive Wall is the second biggest invasion on Google Play after Judy malware discovered earlier this year,again by Check Point.Judy made profits for its’ creators using fake advertising clicks while  Expensive wall registered users for paid services without them knowing it.It also sent text messages making users pay for them.The worst part about Expensive Wall is that it could be improved to do some other evil actions as well.If modified , it would be able to steal confidential data from users,record audio,take photos and even locate the device using it’s IP address.

“Packed” (also called Obfuscation) is an advanced hiding technique which encrypts malicious code.The creators of Expensive Wall used it to go through inbuilt malware protections of Google Play.