Have you ever felt awkward because your friends find too much about your romance profile? This happens a lot right? Most of the time, people around us tend to spy about our crushes through our Facebook profiles. Isn’t it? Facebook came up with a solution for this problem recently. It was non other than the feature ‘Facebook Dating’! Further more, Facebook is now ready to create a space for you to meet your secret crush! How does this happen? We’ll find about it…

What is ‘Facebook Dating’?

‘Facebook Dating’ is one of the recently released features within Facebook’s main app. Through this feature Facebook users would create a separate dating profile. After indicating interest in another profile, the service would let the users contact each other. It’s also reported that Facebook also plans a feature to let people attending the same event make their profiles visible to each other. In an effort to meet new people, the service ensured that users would not match with their friends, and that they would match with people who had things in common and mutual friends.

This feature has given the users the ability to filter results based on location, number of children, religion, age, or height etc. Additionally, existing Facebook users do not have to create a new account, or download a new app, to use their dating service. This feature is already available in certain countries, and it’s reported that Facebook Dating will be active at least within 19 countries by the end of this year.

How does it create space to meet your secret crush?

Yes of course ‘Facebook Dating’ was released a few months back. But it’s just few days back that Facebook announced that they are ready to create space for its users to meet their secret crush! This feature comes under the name ‘Secret Crush’ itself.

This feature helps Facebook expands its ‘Facebook Dating’ feature beyond strangers and friends-of-friends. With this you get a chance to choose up to 9 friends you like. If someone in your list, have added you as well for their secret crush list, then both of you will get a notification which tells you about this like-like situation. If it happens so, that means your secret crush has a secret crush on you too! So you both can chat on Messenger and further develop your relationship !

Another important fact! Facebook has a concern with ‘Secret Crush’ that users might spam the feature by constantly adding and removing people from their list until they discover a match. To prevent this Facebook will only let you sub out one person per day after you reach your initial limit of 9.

When talking about this service, ‘Facebook Dating’ product manager Charmaine Hung tells like this. “I have 2,000 Facebook friends. I’m not best friends with all 2,000 people, and there’s a good chance that one of that could be a really good match with me. I trust them, I appreciate them and I know we’re compatible. The only thing missing is knowing if we’re both interested in being more than just friends without the fear of rejection if you were to do this in real life.”

Anyway Facebook also says that they are hoping to change the status of roughly 200 million singles who use this app. Seems like a good target right? Let’s see how it goes. Facebook believes that each and everyone who find their better-half through this app will always have a special place for Facebook in their hearts. Yet, no announcement states whether this feature will reach Sri Lanka or not. If it does better, of course it will reach Sri Lanka as well. Let’s wait and see!