Facebook has once again managed to leave a mark in the History of Technology by inventing a new unit of time called—“FLICK”, a portmanteau of phrase “Frame-tick”. Flick amounts up to exactly 1/705,600,000 of a second, which now enables the accurate measurement of the duration between media frames without the use of fractions or decimals. According to the description in GitHub about this, Flick is the smallest time unit which is larger than a nanosecond.

Now that we know what it means “technically”, let’s see what it actually refers to. You may wonder what exactly went wrong with our usual time units. For the most part, our hours, minutes, seconds and nanoseconds do not pose any inaccuracies for the daily lives of general public. But when it comes to programmers and people in media production, Flick is the god-sent gift to rectify the never-ending struggle of frame syncing.

The advantage of using Flick is that it accurately sub divides all the media Frame rates and sampling frequencies—which are most often recurring decimals and fractions—and paves way to smooth frame syncing with the extra bonus of using integers for Frame Rate.

According to experts, this “Flick in time” has also created a stepping stone for a much more perfect VR (Virtual Reality), which could make the users experience it as it were the “REAL” reality without the usual bumps and delays in data transfer and video syncing. In short, Flick has created an efficient and flexible environment for future technological development and let’s hope it’s for the best…

Flick it away!