Nowadays, we never miss anyone’s birthday because we have access to Facebook. Now, most of us are posting birthday wishes daily. New feature which is digital cards in Facebook stories will be a template for those most lovable birthday wishes. Facebook is saying their stories are growing very fast. 500 million people are using that feature.

We can create cards by adding photo, video or written wish through this feature. Recipient will be able to control who can see the cards. It is also visible for 24 hours like other stories. We can slap stickers including music stickers and text to our cards.This feature is rolling out 9th May in Facebook. There will be a special promo in US

When your friend who is identified as close to you by Facebook is having their birthday, you will see a tile in the story tray which invites you to post a greeting. Tap it and you will be able to take a picture or video and make it colorful with your birthday wishes. Otherwise we can select the one which is created by Facebook. If one friend adds it as a mutual story it will be appeared in your stories feed as well.

In some countries, Facebook stories are popular, but in other countries by introducing this feature it will be definitely popular. People using stories will increase because of this new feature.