Though Facebook purchased both apps of WhatsApp and Instagram years ago, many users are not aware that social network owns both Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook was dealing with a series of privacy and security scandals. Anyway, both WhatsApp and Instagram apps don’t bear the Facebook name. Facebook allows them to operate independently. However, the apps are ready to become more intertwined with one another in the near future.

Facebook announced recently, that they are planning to rebrand Instagram and WhatsApp. With the coming changes, users who use Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct message and WhatsApp will able to send messages to each other without having to switch apps.

A spokesman from Facebook, Bertie Thomson, had said that they want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook. Furthermore, she had also said that the change is currently rolling out slowly and users able to see the rebranding very soon. A per the announcements, login screens Instagram and WhatsApp and in app store descriptions for the two apps, the rebranding will appear.

In Google Play and Apple’s App Store, the two apps will be renamed as “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook”.  This can be considered similar to the company’s Workplace app and mirroring the rebranding it did with Oculus.

For now though, as they reported the home screen icons won’t bear the same titles. Let’s see how things go!