Facebook stories! A feature that is loved immensely by a large number of Facebook users. Ever since Facebook noticed its users’ increasing interest on Facebook stories, they came up with many and more concepts to be added. Among them, the concept of collaborative stories debuted last year, was able to attract the attention of a large crowd. Finally, Facebook is ready to launch it globally and it is known as ‘Facebook Group Stories’. This arrival was announced by Facebook on 4th December 2018, and is now available for Facebook users world wide.

What is Facebook Group Stories?

It’s a feature that allows members of a Facebook group to contribute to a collaborative story. This expansion will also allow the group members to share the story of that group as well. Then the story will be displayed with the Group name as well as with the name of the individual user creating the post. But not all the groups will have this group stories option. Facebook says Group admin can choose a setting that limits sharing to admin members only, instead of every Group member. Group admins can also use new tools to approve or delete Stories contributions from members before they go live.

The following video will also tell you more about Facebook Group Stories!

How to add a group story?

It’s just a simple process. You have to navigate the Group on the Facebook app and then tap “add”. Underneath the option you will find “Your Group’s Story”. You can then select a photo or video from the camera roll, or choose to add stickers, text, doodles, or effects. According to the privacy options set, you will also have the ability to share that same content to your own Story, create a post with it or share it with someone else using Messenger.

Importance of Facebook Group Stories

According to Facebook, a group is created with a bunch of members with a same interest. These group stories are to be shared among the group members. Hence they believe that this concept of Facebook group Stories will be much helpful for its users to share their stories in a more meaningful manner. Cooking groups can share recipes and dishes on Group Stories, travel Groups can share glimpses of adventures, fashion groups can share group stories with the latest fashions they come across! So yeah, what Facebook says about the importance of their latest concept indeed makes sense!

However it’s believed that Facebook Group Stories will attract more and more users towards Facebook. It’s said that many more interesting features are yet to arrive. Let’s look forward for them!