What happens if you have sent a wrong message to someone accidently? Definitely it will cause you to bother about that simple mistake. And you must have tried many times to delete that message permanently. But what the messenger is saying is “This Message can not undone. Only your copy will be deleted”. Here if you delete the message from your inbox, still the message is displayed in the recipient’s inbox. Facebook messenger has worked from 2018 to give this new feature to messenger. Now the struggle is over. Messenger has launched the most awaited feature to delete messages from everyone view in facebook messenger. So if you face the same problem again you don’t need to worry about that. Because now you are able to remove the message permanently from both chats in messenger.

If you have sent the wrong message or if you have sent a message to a wrong person what you have to do is just to tap on the unwanted message within 10 minutes from the time the message is sent. Then it will give you two options Remove for Everyone or Remove for You. Then select remove for everyone. It will unsend the message that you have sent.

But this feature has few limitations. It only gives 10 minutes to delete the message. If you exceed the time the message will appear in the recipient’s inbox permanently. This feature is available in both one-on-one chat and group chats.  This new feature is now available in the latest versions of iOS and android.