The gym is simply named “Esport Gym”. This Japan’s first-ever esports training gym and it will be opening in Tokyo on May 19th. “Tokyo Metro” and “Esports Company Gecipe” are come up with resources and the concept. This facility will offer an aptitude test part of its online limited course that provides players an opportunity to join a professional esports team and become a part of the professional esport video gaming community. Esport gym currently owns 12 gaming pc even though that is not much it’s a good start.

The Esport Gym offer their resources both professionals and newbie gamers. Interested gamers can visit the gym to enjoy gaming. And even have a learning experience from professional players. If have a membership newbie can also get professional training. It’s intended to be not only a place for esports players to casually practice their trade but to also undergo serious training; the gym is expected to be the first one in the country to offer paid coaching sessions from professional esports players. Coaches will hail from Crest Gaming, Glory is esports, and Delta, all champion teams in various games.

Like a traditional gym, players can get access to Japan’s esports gym by paying a monthly membership fee. But esport gym will inspire newbies who eager to play and make their debate in the video gaming world.  This advantage player who don’t have powerful gaming hardware or want exposure to professional esports players. And also it builds its community to be a part of the gaming world.

Quick peek of inside