No matter that you are in or not in the field of Information Technology! I am pretty sure that you heard about Free and Open Source Software even if it’s not so familiar to you.While you have to pay for some software to take use of them open source software let you to use them free. FOSS Sri Lanka is a community which built in Sri Lanka with the aim of Take off  the concept of Open Source Software from School students to the university students and beyond to all enthusiast in professional levels and emphasize the value and importance through various programs.

Today we gonna talk about how this begun, what are the benefits that we can have from Foss community and what will be the next steps of them.

Lets go one by one.

How do Foss Sri Lanka began?

In year 2005 with the guidance and leadership of Dr.Sanjeewa Weerawarana Foss Community Sri Lanka was established. Actually this was a result of great effort of all open source enthusiasts who had identified the value of this concept in that time period.Then after in 2007 Foss community website, FOSS.LK was launched. Right Now FOSS is doing numerous activities with the collaboration of LSF. 

Recently we everybody noticed that foss is again become very active in their facebook as well as twitter with the aim of sharing knowledge with each and everyone. Actually there are number of main characters behind the seen. They all work together to build foss Community as more effective.

What are the benefits that we can have from Foss community?

Now you may be wondering about that what can i have from FOSS? How it will be useful to me!Sure!let’s take a look on it. Before give an answer for that let me to ask one simple question from you.

What is the operating system that you use in your machine?

I am pretty sure most of your answer will be windows. But among them for sure very less numbers of people may have original license. The reason behind that is in order to get original license you need to pay money. But If you are familiar with Open Source products you can easily choose best OS as ubuntu, freeBSD, OpenSolaris, ReactOS for your machine. Its free.No need to pay money!

Not only about operating systems, you can learn more about alternatives for the software that you should pay money for buy it’s license to use it.

What will be the future plans of Sri Lanka

In near future, we will be get a chance to experience the one of the biggest event which is organized by Foss Sri Lanka with the collaboration of few more communities.That is Software Freedom Day 2018. So stay tuned with us for get early updates. Foss Sri Lanka is the main organizer of this events.

Other than this they hope to reach school students to university students and beyond to all enthusiast in professional levels and emphasize the value and importance of Free and Open Source Software through Facebook page, Twitter Page and gain collaboration of them to enhance the Open Source Platform while disposing hackathons, meetups and numerous techie event.

So still if you are not a member of Foss group do not forget to join with it and you have enough freedom to post any of your question regarding foss and Foss crew is waiting to reply you as soon as possible.