In few weeks earlier iPhone X has been in the top of the interesting topics in the world. Apple announces that it has great features including its large bezel-less display, dual-camera setup on the back, upgraded processor, and the addition of wireless charging. Even though you will realize its own drawbacks when you have an honest look at it. So this post will take close look at the reasons not to buy iPhone X.

  1. It doesn’t have the X factor

The iPhone X may be Apple’s most distinctive smartphone.  But the truth is that the announced features aren’t really new. They are already there on other android smartphones, both from the current-generation, and few even from the bygone era.

If we consider about android world, they have unique features. Specifically Galaxy S8 has the curved display, the Note 8 comes equipped with the S Pen, Motorola’s high-end handsets have Moto Mods and the ShatterShield display, and the OnePlus 5 has Dash Charge. In this view iPhone X supposed to bring in more of an evolution since it is a generation product. Apparently its likely lacking of X factor. So the iPhone X is far away from being referred to as a revolutionary device.

  1. Price

The iPhone may be celebrating its 10th anniversary and it may be the Apple’s much awaited device. And it is kind of hard to justify its high price when comparing its features with other high end smart phones. For an example initially retailed price of Galaxy S8 and S8 plus is $724.99 and $824.99 respectively. And also LG G6 launched with price of $599.Therefore, need to think twice before buying iPhone X whether it’s worth for that price.

3. No Finger Print Scanner

The iPhone X arrived with Face ID, Apple’s new biometric unlocking mechanism. It is as a replacement of Touch ID (Finger print scanner).Even though we have seen facial recognition on few smartphones so far, they haven’t proven to be very safe. For an example Galaxy S8 technology has been tricked by using a photo.

To unlock the iPhone X you have to lift the phone up to your face and make camera is pointing at you. It is difficult to do so, every single time to unlock your phone. Even the company failed to demonstrate the function properly during first demo at its event.

Face ID system of iPhone x may be more advanced and explicit, however unlocking the phone using your face is not new. Google added this feature into its Android phones since the version Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011. The feature was optional but many smartphones have been using the technology.

  1. It doesn’t look sexy

Regardless of whatever the phone you are using design is much more important. The iPhone X is the Apple’s first smartphone that use an OLED display. But AMOLED displays has been using by Samsung for several years. Actually Samsung’s first smartphone with an AMOLED display was the original Galaxy device ( GT-I7500 ), which was announced in 2009. And the latest Galaxy S8 and Note 8 also uses SAMOLED screens.

In addition, the bezel-less smartphone trend released with the Aquos Crystal in 2014. The popularity of edge-to-edge displays further spread with the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which came out in last year. Thereafter, companies including LG, Samsung and Essential have tried to incorporate slim bezels, without increasing the size of the phone. Therefore the iPhone X isn’t the first smartphone with bezel-less design. Furthermore when moving to the back side of the phone, it is not so sexy due to the dual camera setup of the phone.