Green heart Games, the company which produced the awesome Game Dev Tycoon, has announced their long awaiting customers that an android version of the game will be released on January, 2018 .Rarebyte, an Australian based company,has helped Green heart Games on this. Needless to say,this news was a great enthusiasm for the Game Dev Tycoon fans.

Now,for those who are unfamiliar with Game Dev Tycoon, it’s a simulation game which was first released on pc in 2012 ( initial version-v1.0.0. 10 Dec.2012) It was published on steam one year later.It can work on Windows,Mac and Linux. Game Dev Tycoon is a game lot similar to Game Dev Story(released on play store in December, 2010) , a mobile game in which you to start and run a game development company of your own. When you first start Game Dev Tycoon ,you are back in the 80’s .The era of the beginning of game development and the golden age of arcade video games.In the beginning you have a small game development company in a garage where you create small, simple games at hand craft level . You have no staff ,limited funds and options for the first game .

You are allowed to choose from a set of game consoles and platforms according to the time phase you are in. There will be new technologies of game development such as 3D animations ,improved Artificial Intelligence, and improved sound as the game progresses. After gaining experience and successfully creating a few games , you can unlock new options,new labs , go to a new office where you hire other developers. Then you train them as a competitive staff to make more complex,bigger games with new challenges to hit the industry and to earn more money.But still,it’s not the best thing about Game Dev Tycoon.With Game Dev Tycoon,you don’t stop at just releasing new games.No,you even have the chance to conduct industry changing projects by completing the secret projects later in the game.

Green heart Games also released an iOS version on last November,28. It contained the following updates. They were made available for the PC version as a free update.
An upgraded story line.
Novel topics
New Altra-difficult game mode
Build-in video recording support
Build-in streaming support.