When it comes to github, as developers we mostly use Visual Studio Code, Netbeans, PyCharm, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and many more IDEs for our daily work. But when we using Github we always have to come up with a process to interact with the Github and our IDE.

I can describe Gitpod as “One-Click Online IDE for GitHub”. If you saw an project in Github & think that you want to open the project, from just one click, you can open the Gitpod.

There are three main ways to start coding in Gitpod.

URL Prefix
This is the easiest way start using Url Prefixing. https://github.com/Microsoft/WindowsTemplateStudio will be my Github Repo URL and we can convert this URL into Gitpod in no time.


Just add gitpod.io/# token before the URL of the github repository. Just like this: gitpod.io/#https://github.com/Microsoft/WindowsTemplateStudio . Just enter the details and press Enter. Then we can see the following page loading with a random URL.

Windows Template Studio opens in Gitpub
Browser Extension
First of all, you have to get the browser extension to continue. Just click here to get the browser extension regarding Gitpod. After installing that, you can see the Gitpod button near the clone or download button.

Github App
In this option, you can get the Github App from the Github Marketplace. You can go to directly here and work with it.

I know that you already using best IDEs in the world but this has its own advantages like, no need to setup options like, roots, folder open options, extensions, and mostly you can open the project in Gitpub, even before you start to open it in your IDE.Just install the github app and you’ll understand what I’ve said. This IDE developed mostly like linux containers and VS code. So you’ll access the best tools which you used in your previous IDEs.

Gitpod can be used with all major languages which you use currently. You can click here, and check whether your language in here or not. It mainly focus on four main languages, Javascript, Java, Python and Go.

You can see how the things are going with people, They have published them in twitter about the experience with Gitpub.

I just like to welcome you to share your experience with this and comment on our facebook post it’s pres and cons, so our readers can get an idea about the Gitpub.

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By Chamod Sandaru