Hello everyone,

So when comes to Go, it was built by Google. This would be a systems language and also can be a web development language. The main reason I choose Go is for web development. And this language is easy to understand and easy to use.

As the first step to go golang.org, official web site of Golang. When you go there, you can see the web site like below.

Go Lang Official Web Site

Go Language Downloads Page
After going to the main web site, go to download page, and click on the correct OS and select button which you want to download. There are four download methods. These methods are separate for each operating system. There are four separate downloads as you can see in the picture. My computer is a Windows one. So I choose the Windows option and downloaded the .msi file. Then I started installing it as mentioned in the below.

Installing in Windows – step 01

Installing in Windows – step 02

Installing in Windows – step 03

Installing in Windows – step 04

Installing in Windows – step 05

So lets start coding. As the second step, just download a text editor and start coding. In a go file the extension will be .go .

As the first file, I will create test.go file, my first Go file. You can save this file in any place, that will be a not a big deal. So I open my file in Sublime Text, my favorite text editor. First of all I have entered the package name “main” as the, package main. Then enter the imports. As the basic import I will add the “fmt” library like, import “fmt”. And another thing, the Go language only use double quotations, not single ones.

Then start the main function. You can create number of functions in the program, but they will execute with the respect of main function. We will write the syntax like func main() {}. You can write the code between the curly braces. As the first program of every program, lets write Hello world statement. To print something you have to call the fmt library. So we’re writing fmt.Println(“Welcome to Go”). As Python, we’re not using semicolons here. So you can see the program below.

For compiling, first go to the file location in the command prompt. Then type the secret keyword go run filename. Check below!

If you are also interested in Go language, please put a comment below. We hope to publish an article series about Go and related technologies and about its practical uses.

See you soon 😉 …