Google Allo is the most popular & emerging instant messaging app in the world.It was released on September 21, 2016.Since last year it was only for ANDROID and IOS users. But from Last month, Google introduced web versions of its chat app.  With the new futures for the users.

Usually when we are chatting we use gif and emoji,with this latest ALLO web version ,we can use many Type of emoji’s and GIF for attractive chat service.”SMART SMILLY “will help you to find what you need.You just need only to type related topic and it will show thousands of results within seconds.

Another popular feature is Whisper Shout feature. You can change your text size according to your Choice. If you want to increase your text size you can use Whisper method and you can use Shout method to reduce your text size.You just need to hold and drag slider button to change text size.

Do you need help from someone? Google assistant is with you in ALLO. Google assistant will suggest you According to the reply from your friend. You can decide whether to take help from assistant or type yourself. To access ALLO you just need only chrome browser. Take and feel the Experience.