If you ever thought that the technology and talent is only reserved for the West

Most startups nowadays are clearing up new dimensions in deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, and many more.

And the tech giants have been widening their ecosystem beyond the Silicon Valley by uniting with such, and the talents need not be Western anymore 😉

Halli Labs, Bengaluru, India is Google’s first ever Indian acquisition. Halli (meaning “village” in Kannada) Labs was a very young startup focused on building deep learning and machine learning systems.  It was just 4 months old, being started on April this year.

As they say, “Halli Labs is applying modern ML (machine learning) techniques to old problems and domains to help technology march on in its timeless purpose— that of giving superhuman powers to all of us humans in letting us do, whatever we want to do, better”

The amount paid by Google in acquisition of Halli Labs is still undisclosed. The company’s founder, is Pankaj Gupta, a data scientist.Bnd the rest of the staff or the number of members associated with are still to be found.

The company says it joins Google’s Next Billion Users team “to help get more technology and information into more people’s hands around the world.”

The bigger companies snapping up startups like this are significant due to various reasons,

First and foremost this is a reflection on the interest of the tech companies around the globe for Artificial Intelligence. They are strategically planning on reaching the zenith through AI. Google has been in the front lines in comparison to other companies, through extensive programs like in house developments and acquisition of companies.

The decisions of AI acquisitions are also driven by the interest in the myriad of data generated by billions of people in every second worldwide. The AI market stands at $8 billion today, providing enough rationality in looking for Google’s motive in getting together with Halli Labs.

Google, Microsoft, Apple and many other leading use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by utilizing the data generated in their businesses. Day by day they sharpen the facilities they provide to the user by manipulating the data they gather. The most examples are Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri.

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