Heard about google assistant? That’s right, it is the Google’s voice assistant. Google is taking over Alexa, Siri and Cortana with its own voice assistant: Google Assistant.

It was launched in 2016 and is probably the most advanced and dynamic of the assistants out there. At earlier it was an extension of Google Now , designed to be personal, while expanding on Google’s existing “Ok Google” voice controls. 

But Google has long killed Google Now, The assistant lives in the same space with wide-range of voice control.

 This incredible service has given many more facilities like control your devices and your smart home, make appointments and send messages, open apps on your phone, read your notifications to you and more..

You can also ask for multiple things at the same time. Mastering requests like this is probably what will power Google Assistant ahead of rivals.

The new Interpreter Mode which began rolling out in 2019 to Google Home devices and smart Display is great. With this you can conduct a conversation in dozens of languages.

On the Google Pixel smartphones, Google Home ,Wearable OS devices, Android TV and Nvidia Shield, plus Android Auto, Google Assistant has launched.

Among all these services here comes the latest news. Google Assistant is going to scan your face to personalize commands. The latest beta for Android’s Google app includes code references to face matched feature that, as the name implies, would scan your face to provide tailored commands on camera-equipped devices.

You’d have to both train the system and could add multiple devices because there isn’t a detailed description.

They haven’t publish details about when face Match might launch. This might also be an accessibility feature for the people who can’t speak and they could still get a customized, private experience in a multi user household.