Google is to say Goodbye to the Blobs that filled the Android emoji repository with the release of Android O which is still in its beta testing. They are planning to bring up a fully redesigned emoji font which is more neoteric and perfectly round and worth comparing with other emojis 😉 The bottom-heavy blobs will entirely be purged from Gmail, Google Plus, and Google Hangouts.

It is not only the blobs that are revamped, but every other emoji too. Moving away from the Android’s traditional ban on pink and red colors the newest emojis come to the limelight with tonal strokes and gradients. According to Emojipedia these redesigned emojis will be fully compatible with Emoji 5.0.

The blobs first saw the light in 2013 with the release of Android 4.4. The amorphous little yellow faces were a creative inspiration of design agency IC4DESIGN. And then they evolved, they even got liver with human like legs and arms. But if you ever met any of these blobs, yes, they were more bizarre than loving. Many are silently fêting the death of these blobs 😀

A must mention,

Android O’s redesigned emoji will also include a set of cartoon countenances designed by Unicode, addressing the cross-platform emotional consistency. It ensures the user that when emoji is sent to a friend, the message is clearly communicated regardless of whether they use iOS, Windows, Samsung, or any other platform.

Android O will do away with the irritating issues like showing annoying blank icons just in case the user does not have the recent update of the software. Once the users are updated with Android O these redesigned new emojis will be their default choice.

So, these emojis are to be expected parallel to the release of Android O which is still to be given a formal name. And when the release dates are still unknown to the world. Whenever that be that’s the last day that we are to see these poor blobs!