Google Brain project was started in 2011 by Andrew Ng and 2 others. There is 100 of research scientist and software engineers are working today. Their main ambition is to build Google products using Artificial intelligence from their research projects. Google brain project was stared because of their first AI project ”GOOGLE X”  .It was started in 2010.It is a project based on self-driving car.

Google company is giving priority to AI and also they are investing lot of money for their AI Research projects. In 2013 they have hired GOFF HINTON company and acquired their base company DNN RESEARCH INC…and also they purchased world famous DEEPMIND TECHNOLOGIES for  the $650 Million. Google and their products are powered by DEEP LEARNING AND NEURAL NETWORKS. In 2012 they built neural network with 1 billion connections and it was trained 16,000 CPU cores. To get better results they use more dataset, bigger models more computation power  and better algorithms.

They use many technologies  and products to support the users of the Google. GOOGLE DEEP DREAM is a computer vision programme created by Google. For that they use a convolutional neural network.

Google chat bot is another programme . The main task of this programme is to respond to certain questions in a believable way. For that they use two datasets, one is a trouble shooting dataset and the other one is a movie transcript database.

Spam Killing Ai is the another programme that secure your Gmail account. It protects you from the harmful attacks.

The another program is the Google face recognition system called FACENET. It has trained massive 260 million data sets and it is 86% accurate. This is a unified system for RECOGNITION,CLUSTERING AND FACE VERIFICATIONS.

These technologies are help to many kinds of Google products such as GOOGLE  PHOTOS,MAP,YOUTUBE,GMAIL,SPEECH RECOGNITION and also Google search. To train new AI researchers through internships, Google has started a new programme called “ GOOGLE  BRAIN RESIDENCY PROGRAMME”. Finally, Google brain project achieved the unique task for the GOOGLE DEVELOPMENT.