We are familiar with this infamous quote, “This is one small step of a man, but one giant leap for mankind” by the Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first human being ever to step on the moon. That historical incident occurred on 19th July 1969, and now it’s been 5 years. Therefore to celebrate this golden phase of history in a creative way, Google created an adorable doodle.

So whoever happens to use Google on this 19th July, encountered this piece of work. This Google’s homepage doodle was an animated video of the memorable, Apollo 11 moon landing. The fact that it was narrated by the renowned astronaut, Apollo 11 command module pilot, Michael Collins, has certainly enriched it.

The doodle lasts for about five minutes. In this animated video, Collins narrates his voyage to moon recollecting his memories. Michael Collins didn’t land to moon surface by himself. He stayed on the command module, as he was the pilot of Apollo 11 command and service module while Neil Armstrong and Edwin Bus Aldrin were there on the moon surface. In the animated video, Collins says, “three billion, plus two people on one side(of the moon), and me on the other” remembering his stay on the module till the other two astronauts arrive back from the moon.

The expedition to the moon was one of the greatest achievements of mankind and the way Google reminded it to all of us is adorable.