Google announces advancements in quantum computer research. It has also been said that a calculation that takes thousands of years by a traditional supercomputer, can be performed just within a few minutes by an experimental quantum processor. Recent research in a scientific journal has reported that quantum acceleration is achievable in a real-world system and cannot be prevented by any hidden physical laws.

Quantum computing can be introduced as a fast and somewhat confusing technology that helps to process information. Though these are far from practical uses yet, one day this might help us to finish tasks easily that traditional computers spend many years such as hunting for new drugs and optimizing city and transportation planning. This technique based on quantum bit or qubit that registers only one or zero data values. Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp. and Intel Corp. are known as competitors for technology.

The founder of quantum start-up IonQ is Chris Monroe and he said that Quantum things can be in multiple places at the same time. Google has many competitors for this research, and last month it was in trouble due to leakage of a research paper, and the researchers got the idea before they removed it. IBM created a problem with Google’s claims that it had acquired “quantum domination”, a feature of performing tasks that traditional computers could not perform in their lifetime.

Google’s leaked research paper shows quantum processor finished a calculation in three minutes and twenty seconds and the world’s fastest supercomputer, the summit takes to it in 10,000 years. But IBM researchers said the summit can perform 200 operations per second and it can do previous calculation within 2.5 days. The summit was developed by IBM. But Google dismissed IBM’s claims.

Although Google’s achieving the quantum supremacy makes problems to competitors it is less important in the quantum research industry because of its maturity. According to Caltech professor John Preskill, who used the term “quantum domination”, Google’s calculation has no practical use except for checking whether the processor works well.

There is one feared outcome of quantum computing is this computer powerful enough to break today’s best cryptography but it will come after decades away.