Have you ever experienced the problems of paper based learning? In paper based learning you have to maintain a stack of books. Sometimes you may have to face various troubles by misplacing your note. If we replace this paper based learning system with an online learning system, can we do that? Is it more beneficial? Have you ever tried to work with an online learning system?The free web-based classroom or the most advantageous online learning management system “Google Classroom ” have answers for all the above matters. Google classroom was able to turn a new page in e-learning and giving to the world its benefits.

It links your Google apps for education accounts with all the google apps services, including Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Gmail. Working with these will save your valuable time and you can reduce the number of problems occurs due to paper based learning, and make it easy to create classes, easy in distributing making and evaluating assignments, communicate among the teacher and the students, stay as a well-organized class room, and send feedbacks easily. All these facilitate the teacher assign the works for the students easily by taking the class room in to one place. Then the students can look into those works.

Another wonderful advantage of google classroom is that it is an easy task to get access to google classroom. Because you do not want to pay for this and you just have to have a google account .Actually it is affordable.

Rather than in a virtual class teachers and students can work anywhere, anytime and on any device, sharing of resources, Privacy protection, Easy Workflow management, Keep guardian informed about the progress of the student, Gives teachers the advantage of assigning work at any time can be identified as some of the benefits of google classroom to prove that google classroom is a great tool in e- learning.

Organizing Paperless assignments


 Among the purposes of the google classroom the assignments plays a vital role.Most probably for an assignment the classroom needed to submit something for the teacher to evaluate. As a most wonderful feature when the teacher published an assignment the students can comment on assignments creating discussions. Student can attach multiple numbers of attachments one assignments and the teacher can edit or delete the assignments.

It does not allow sharing a folder with all the students in a classroom and the documents are access to the teacher and the individual student so, it protects the privacy of the student. And it reduced cheating by stopping the copying of other student’s works. Teachers can provide instant feedback and track a student’s progress.

Making class announcements


Making announcement is also another important role in any type of educational system. So in this paperless class room you can easily make announcements for the students. Announcements should be easily reachable for the students. To give announcements for the student’s teacher can add something like a post and the class can comment on the post. Also the teacher can add files, drive files, videos, and web links as an announcement. So this paperless classroom make easy in interaction between the teacher and the students through these types of things.

Now, Google Classroom already became a tool which gave unbelievable benefits, and it is improving day by day based on the feedback of its users. So, follow these kinds of new technologies by getting rid of paper based learning materials and experience the wonder of an effective learning management system with Google Classroom. Then you will be able to easily manage your work effectively in a streamline manner. Invite you all to get a self-intuitive and user-friendly experience in a paperless classroom.