Google’s announcement few months before, is now alive and hot on sale. Yes, Google’s AI powered camera—“Google Clips”—has made its entry and it has obviously gone out-of-stock within the few days it was released. So, what’s the big deal with it? Everybody has a smartphone with excellent cameras along with marvelous editing tools, So why would someone go for Google Clips? Well, Ever had the need to look for your smartphone to capture that perfect moment and lost it? Or have you ever experienced that magical timing through your smartphone camera and not with your senses? It’s an unavoidable fate each of us had gone through at some point and that’s where Google Clips comes to the rescue.

This Google Clips is embedded with “Moment IQ”— a machine learning algorithm which makes the camera decide which the “right moment” is and to figure out who’s important in the shot based on the expression, angle and lighting. This feature enables the Google Clips to get smarter and smarter with time and experience, which can result in professional, instinctive and perfect captures. Among the shots it captured, it automatically chooses the perfect one using its AI.

This lightweight, square bodied gadget comes along with,

  1. 3 hours battery life
  2. 16 GB local storage
  3. 12 MP(Megapixel) sensor
  4. 130-degree field of view
  5. A manual shutter button for manual captures
  6. Wi-Fi –direct to share the photos
  7. Bluetooth LE(Low energy)
  8. A USB-C port to charge the device
  9. And a clip stand, to stand on its own

which makes it an ideal camera at a really high price. It can shoot images and short video loops continuously and it stores the best of them in its local storage and the processing happens in the device itself and not in the cloud.

Overall, Had you ever wished for a professional photographer who follows you everywhere you go, to shoot your best moments, Google Clips is JUST for you.