Google Code-In is an initiative by Google with the aim of opening doors for teenagers to get an experience on “what is really coding?”. If you are a student aged 13 – 17, you can get involved as a student participant and don’t worry ! others who are older than 17 years can actually be a mentor for the program if you posses enough experience working on open source projects.

In this contest, participating open source organizations put up their projects and students are given the opportunity to select the organization that they are willing to contribute. These are the organizations that are participating for the Google Code-In this time. Apertium, BRL-CAD, Catrobat, CCExtractor, cloudCV, coala, Drupal, FOSSASIA, Haiku, JBoss Community, LibreHealth, Liquid Galaxy, MetaBrainz, Mifos Initiative, MovingBlocks, openMRS, openWISP, OSGeo, Sugar Labs, SCoRE, Systers, Ubuntu, Wikimedia, XWiki and Zulip.

This is an open global contest which lets competing students to complete simple tasks of projects that are put up by the mentors of the organizations and mentors assist them if they come across difficulties in completing the claimed task. Tasks are small activities that can take 3-5 hours. Task can be any of these types : Documentation/Training, coding, User Interface, Outreach/Research and Quality Assurance.

Once the completed tasks are approved by the mentors, the students are eligible to win cool prizes from Google in appreciation of their contribution to open source projects of organizations. The grand winner will be selected from all the contest participants after evaluating scores from organizations. This year Google Code-In contest opens on 28th of November 2017 and closes on 17th of January 2018 according to the GCI timeline.

You don’t need to be an expert in coding to get into the contest. All you need is the passion to contribute to the open source while learning from mentors. At the end participants not only get prizes, but also confidence, reputation, team work, new skills and a qualification to be a community member or a next time GCI mentor. So, grab the opportunity and jump into the open source world !