After some immensely successful events that were held in Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, NSBM, SLIATE – Dehiwala and IIT, to name a few, Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka had their last event at the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Rajarata University of Sri Lanka on 26th of June. The event was organized by the Association of Rajarata Information and Communication Technology. It mainly targeted the students of first two years who are following Information Technology and related degrees, but there were students participating who did not essentially belong in this category. And this was evidence as to the enthusiasm they have over the matter irrespective of their field of interest.

The first session of the event happened to be a comprehensive yet very engaging introduction to Google Crowdsource and how it improves commonly used Google products, by providing Google with training data to its machine learning algorithms. The speech was conducted by Thishan Rasangike, Representative of Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka Community.

It was explained how a set of results yielded by a simple search on Google’s search engine can be very biased towards a particular country or a culture, or why sometimes we can’t be satisfied with translations by Google Translator to and from our mother language. And it was clarified how this issue can be eliminated eventually by contributing as a community through Crowdsource, for the said contributions add to nothing but the data-sets that would train the algorithms behind these products.

And the next session was on community buildup by Tharindu Randipa, Assistant Digital Marketing, Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka Community. They are indeed little blessings to encounter like-minded people along the way of our journeys. And how wonderful it is when they work for the same cause and towards the same goal. This is precisely what the Crowdsource Sri Lanka community symbolizes.

Despite having been formed only recently, it has ever since been growing rapidly and beaming with an ever-unfailing amount of passion and dedication as a community.

The majority of the audience affirmed to have been regular users of the Crowdsource app and the top three contributors who were present at the event were gifted with swags and so as those who actively participated in the discussion with the speakers.

The last session of the day was by Chamod Sandaru, Digital Marketing Lead of Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka Community, who is as well as a recognized graduate of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. The speech was an introduction to machine learning, complete with explanations down to the most granular divisions it.

Towards the end of the session, Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka team invited everyone to be part of the community and use their free time contributing, so that the internet would one day represent our language and culture significantly more than it does today.

Images courtesy of: FasFocus Unity